University Students Are Being Warned To Be Vigilant of Student Loan Scams

Derbyshire Constabulary and Derbyshire Alert have issued a warning to university students to be vigilant when it comes to student loan scams. But it's not just Derbyshire students who should take heed of their advice.

Around the three loan payment dates in September, January and April, fraudsters target students in an attempt to trick them into disclosing personal information - with the aim of accessing their online accounts and to potentially steal their money. With the beginning of the new term, there is often an increase in scam phone calls around this time of year, where students receive a call from someone claiming to be from the HMRC, stating that the individual owes tax on their student loan. These scammers try to use pressure tactics in an attempt to panic students into transferring their money. Anyone being asked for personal or financial information should hang up and call the loan provider on an official number. It is also important for students to be on the lookout for official-looking bogus emails and text messages around this time of year, claiming to be from Student Finance England or the HMRC.