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Our Community Pledge

The Cyber Resilience Centre for the East Midlands (EMCRC) is owned by policing, and led by serving members of the local forces who do this full-time as a day job. As a not-for-profit company, funded by the Home Office, we don’t make money from our members. Success for us means making SMEs more resilient to online crime.


That makes us different, which is why you can trust us.

Group Lecture

We will:


  • Perform with integrity and good faith in our dealings with you. This includes any work delivered by our partners who are expected to abide by our code of conduct.

  • Try to help and educate you about Cyber Resilience and support you through your journey with us.

  • Direct you to FREE Government recommended tools from the National Cyber Security Centre.

  • Help you identify and secure relevant and affordable cyber security and resilience services from accredited partners.


We will never:


  • Attempt to sell you anything via cold calling or direct email.

  • Knowingly recommend any service to you that is unnecessary or one that is inappropriate to your circumstances.

  • Share your personal data or business data with any third party for marketing or sales reasons. (With the exception of those entities we work with listed in our Privacy Policy)

  • Make a commission or receive any sales-related bonuses or kickbacks. Our referral process is fair and transparent. Any finders fees or charges for student services; pay student wages and cover CRC running costs only.

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