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Business Handshake

Strategic Relationships

We work with a variety of like-minded organisations who either provide cyber resilience and related services and want to offer these to help our community members, or are  organisations who just simply want to help by showing their support. They all understand the importance of our Centre and its mission. If interested in helping us and our business, charity and other communities to become  safer online, then get in touch via the 'Contact us' or 'Ask us a Question ' links

Cyber Essentials Partners

We work with some of the leading IT/Cyber Security providers in the East Midlands to offer further support to local businesses, beyond our CyberPATH offer. Our Cyber Essentials Partners go through a process of due diligence and are handpicked by the centre, ensuring they meet the necessary national standard to be aligned with us. They are required to be part of the IASME register, and are able to certify Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials + certification.

Community Ambassadors

Our Community Ambassadors are local companies who show excellent cyber practice and awareness and offer relevant resilience services. They understand the importance of cyber resilience and want to spread the knowledge and services to their own customers and supply chains by advocating joining the CRC community.

Friends of the Centre

Friends of the Centre are large membership organisations who want to help their members, supply chain and community by building their cyber resilience. These organisations promote the CRC and recommend  to their members that they join the CRC community as they recognise that cyber resilience is essential in today’s digital world.

Advisory Group

Our AG is made up of industry experts, academic leaders and representatives of respected membership organizations who help to review the communications and interaction with our members to maximise our community growth, reach and impact.

Regional Patrons and Strategic Governance Group members

Our Regional Patrons are larger organisations who demonstrate their commitment to our SME communities and our region more widely by contributing to and supporting the centres' work. They can also appoint a representative to our Strategic Governance Board.

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