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Twitter verify that verification is back!

Twitter has announced that its verification application process has been re-launched, having been on hold since 2017. But just how important is this news? Does it tick a box for your business?

What does verification mean to your business?

Well, if accepted as a genuine business and your account adheres to Twitter’s criteria (see below), you get 'the blue tick’, or 'blue badge' - Twitter’s stamp of approval that confirms you are who you say you are.

It’s not available to everyone just yet, as Twitter are staggering their roll-out. But the news is positive, especially for those businesses who have struggled with authenticity and those who have faced doubts from potential customers as to whether or not the company is who they claim to be. The blue tick/badge is viewed by many as being the mark of verification and authenticity, and it engenders trust amongst Twitter users. It’s Twitter saying “Yes, this is the genuine account, any other claiming to be this company is fake”.

"How do we get the blue tick?"

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of any social media manager or account admin, and for more then three years their answer has always been: “You can’t have a blue tick, the process is suspended”. But as of May 20, 2021, that answer has a more positive angle.

Just as before, accounts that fall under certain categories can apply. Those include companies, organisations, government accounts, brands, news and journalists. Also eligible are entertainment accounts, sports accounts and gaming accounts. Activists, organisers and other influential individuals will also be eligible to apply for profile verification.

Users will be able to view the ‘Verification Application’ window via the ‘Settings and Privacy’ tab on desktop, or submit an application direct from the Twitter app from account settings. You'll then be taken on a step-by-step guide to apply.

To qualify for verification, users must ensure their profile is complete with a profile name, an image and either a confirmed email address or phone number. Applicants must have been active within the last six months and made no violations of Twitter rules.

Verification will be reviewed using a combination of automated and human approaches to processing applications.

Also, Twitter stated that verified accounts should adopt the mantra “Tweet others how they want to be Tweeted and serve the public conversation authentically, respectfully, and with consideration”.

As previously mentioned, users may not be able to find the application window just yet as Twitter gradually re-launches the much sought-after measure. But this is a welcome return of a process that’s absence has been the source of much frustration for businesses, organisations, brands etc for such a long time.



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