Preview build for Windows 11 leaked online

A preview build for the anticipated Windows 11 release was leaked online earlier this month, confirming the new name for Microsoft's new OS and providing a glimpse of several new features.

Yesterday, Microsoft went live on social media to showcase how their slick new Windows 11 release will look. But on June 15, an ISO image - allegedly for Windows 11 - was leaked on a Chinese-speaking forum and has since spread quickly as users rush to install the new leaked operating system (OS).

An ISO Image is a computer file that is an exact copy of an existing file system. Links for the Windows 11 ISO are now emerging on various file sharing sites, making it difficult to contain the leak.

But what’s important is the fact that the leaked build may have been tampered with to include malicious programs or viruses, and maybe exploited as a delivery mechanism to deploy malware on user’s devices. Therefore, users are recommended not to install the leaked image, and if they do, to ensure that they only install it on a virtual machine or other secured device.

All organisations are recommended to advise staff not to download or install the leaked ISO image of Windows 11 on either their work or personal devices.

Upon the release of Windows 11, all organisations should begin long-term planning for migration as soon as possible to future proof their networks.