European law enforcement agencies make 1803 money mule arrests

The European Money Mule Action group (EMMA) has announced the end of their biggest operation yet, culminating with the arrest of 1,803 money mule suspects and safeguarding £60m of attempted fraudulent transactions.

EMMA is a multi-agency group consisting of law enforcement, FinTech companies and banks across 27 countries, set up to tackle the international problem of money laundering via money mules.

Money mules are people that are either complicit in or ignorant to the use of their bank accounts being used to receive and send on funds derived from criminality. When funds are stolen, criminals need to find a way to cash out their ill-gotten gains. Criminals cannot simply divert funds to their own personal accounts as this would bring them to the attention of law enforcement, so they need to find legitimate financial accounts that they can control, but that are not associated to them personally.