Cyber Security consultancy CyberScale launches new range of training services

The cyber and information security consultancy, CyberScale are a member of the East Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre's Advisory Group, who provide guidance, advice and influence the direction of the centre.

The Norwich based organisation has launched 5 new Cyber Security training courses and workshops to help businesses be more prepared to protect themselves against the risks of a cyber-attack.

Having developed bespoke training courses for a range of clients CyberScale identified a need for public training courses for organisations who are at different stages in their Cyber Security journey.

Engaging employees in any form of training can be a challenge. Once a business has decided to invest in cyber security training it is important to ensure that what is delivered achieves the best possible engagement.

The result of this is that it is more likely to be taken back in to the business with enthusiasm.

Training should never be seen as a tick box exercise, especially when it comes to training that can and will protect your business from potentially damaging cyber-attacks.

Darren Chapman, Director & Principal Consultant at CyberScale, says that