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Cyber Security & Resilience Services

Our integrated range of cyber security services are designed to help businesses assess, build and manage online networks. They also assist businesses and their staff to have the right strategies to respond to incidents efficiently and to mitigate any potential damage a cyber-attack may create.


Through Cyber PATH, local university students are trained and mentored by senior ethical hackers, to deliver all our services and to work with staff to build their cyber awareness, understand the latest cyber threats and secure the business's online environment. 

Corporate Internet Discovery

This service provides a comprehensive review of publicly available information about an organisation. We will reveal what is being said on the Internet about your business, what information employees are releasing or if there are any damaging news stories, social media posts or associations.


Information gained from this type of activity may also be used by cyber criminals during early preparation stages of a cyber attack. As such, this service will help you to understand if there is a poor online security posture that makes your organisation attractive to cyber criminals - much in the same way as a burglar walks down a road looking for intruder alarms, open windows and unlocked gates.


This service might also be used to undertake high level due diligence on another organisation, a supplier or a prospective partnership. Corporate Internet Discovery uses only publicly available information and Internet search and social media tools. There is no interaction with any organisation or person, no intrusive measures or tools are employed, and no social engineering techniques are used.


The discovery is always tailored to the client brief where the detailed objectives, concerns and outcomes are captured and verified prior to the discovery. 


Service reporting includes a detailed report citing sources, links, associations and a comprehensive threat assessment based on the initial brief, as well as an explanation of how information might be used in an attack against, or any perceived threats from the organisation.

Get in touch with us today to discuss if this is suitable for you.

Corporate Internet Discovery
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