World Password Day - Top tips on how to protect your password from cyber criminals

In this blog, we explain how passwords can be cracked and suggest a really simple tactic for thwarting cyber criminals.

Passwords made up of three random words are extremely difficult to hack

Today (Thursday 6th May) is World Password Day, marking the day where people need to revisit their passwords and begin adopting strong passwords is a vital part of your cyber security.

Indeed, there’s a lot of guidance out there on what makes a good password. But to keep things simple, the UK's National Cyber Security Centre recommends creating passwords using three random words.

You just put them together, like 'coffeetrainfish' or ‘walltinshirt’.

You can choose words that are memorable but should avoid those which might be easy to guess, such as 'onetwothree' or are closely related to you personally, such as the names of family members or pets.

Ultimately, the choices you make regarding passwords are up to you. This blog post is intended to help inform you as you make password decisions and explain a little bit of the cyber security rationale behind our three random words guidance.

Attacking your account

There are some common ways that cyber criminals might try to compromise your user accounts. Many of these relate to the passwords you use, so let's take a look at a few of them:

It's obvious: