South West joins Cyber Resilience Centre network

The UK’s network of Cyber Resilience Centres has expanded to help more businesses protect themselves against online crime.

The South West is the latest addition to the UK's growing network of CRCs

The South West Cyber Resilience Centre (SWCRC) is the latest addition to a network of hubs that provide businesses with an affordable way to access cyber security services and consultancy to help protect themselves from attack.

Other centres have previously launched in Greater Manchester, North East, East Midlands, West Midlands and the South East regions.

Cyber Resilience Centres (CRCs) are regional hubs supported by police forces, working with the private sector and academia.

They help businesses:

Core membership is free of charge; however, CRCs do also provide other options of paid membership which include affordable and discounted services.

Each centre provides advice and support regarding cyber security and protecting a business against cyber crime – with experts on hand to support visitors through all levels of the journey, whether it be protection against an attack, or support when an attack has already taken place. Businesses that join as members also gain access to free training and additional tools to help them stay safe online. 

The CRC network aims to support businesses across the UK, with local students being offered work experience to help train them for a future role in cyber security.

Furthermore, CRCs have been designed to provide a targeted programme of work that will include training, ethical hacking, and recovery support via a range of trusted suppliers, who will provide everything from Cyber Essentials certification through to recovery from hacking and ransomware attacks.

Superintendent Mark Moore has been appointed director of the new South West CRC. He said: “I am enormously excited to have been asked to bring the SWCRC into being and lead on this innovative partnership aimed at tackling the huge threat that is cyber crime.

"We know that any system is only as strong as its weakest link, and that is why we want to help improve protection for networks and supply chains across the South West.”

Following an extensive EU tender procurement process, BRIM was appointed to establish ten Cyber Resilience Centres in partnership with Police UK.

Mandy Haeburn-Little

Commenting on the launch of the South West CRC, BRIM chief executive Mandy Haeburn-Little said: “This is a fundamental and very positive step by Policing and represents a new era for cyber crime prevention where Policing will work hand in hand with the private sector in the alignment of cyber strategies.

"This fulfills so many objectives together from supporting emerging student skills, delivery of Policing cybercrime objectives, support for all sectors of business and the focus for much-needed assistance towards economic growth for business.

"It is a one-stop-shop for cyber resilience which we have worked very hard to develop with NPCC and the support of the Home Office.”

Based on the success of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, each CRC provides a dedicated point of contact on cyber crime and access to services that can support them in becoming cyber-resilient. It translates intelligence gathered from Government specialist teams including GCHQ and NCSC.

The CRC, therefore, becomes a resource hub that further increases business confidence in the ability of the police to deal with cyber crime, thus encouraging increased reporting and collaboration.


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