PS5 or new Xbox? Whichever you get, stay secure

The National Cyber Security Centre has published guidance to help protect gamers from cyber criminals.

The PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X

The wait for the PlayStation 5 is nearly over. On Thursday, gamers across the UK will finally be able to get their hands on Sony's new console.

Microsoft has also released two new consoles – the Xbox Series X and Xbox S.

For gamers, it's a great time to be in lockdown. For parents, consoles (because of their high value) are an opportunity to keep their child happy this Christmas through one single purchase.

However, the launch of the new consoles is also an opportunity to remember the importance of staying secure online.

Sadly, cyber crime is no game when it comes to consoles. Through your household's gaming console, an experienced hacker can access personal data, credit card information or even violate your family's privacy through webcams. The problem is that most users of these devices are unaware of this risk, and do not take the appropriate measures.

So is your household doing as much as possible to keep your online accounts secure?

From securing your devices to protecting your privacy, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published gaming guidance which will help you protect yourself and leave you free to enjoy your shiny new console.

If you manage to track down a console online, good luck - and remember online shopping guidance is also available on the NCSC website.

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