Neighbourhood Watch joins fight against cyber crime

The national network is encouraging residents to adopt strong passwords by following three simple steps.

The Neighbourhood Watch network is urging people to adopt strong passwords.

A campaign that encourages people to protect their passwords has been launched by the UK's Neighbourhood Watch network.

Residents are urged to follow the guidance and then encourage three of their neighbours to do the same.

The Protect your Pa$$W0rD campaign, which lasts for four weeks, focuses on three simple steps that anyone can take to improve their online security.

These steps are:

1. Create a separate password for your email account

Having a strong, separate password for your email means that if cyber criminals steal the password for one of your less important accounts, they can’t use it to access your email account.

2. Use 3 random words

The three random words initiative is designed to make passwords harder to crack. Examples provided by the UK's National Cyber Security Centre include coffeetrainfish and walltinshirt.

3. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA)

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