NHS launches vaccine texts - how to tell they're genuine

Almost 400,000 people aged 55 and over and 40,000 unpaid carers will be the first to get a text alert inviting them to book a vaccine slot

Over recent months, fraudsters have tried to steal bank details with fake texts offering a Covid vaccine.

It's important, therefore, to understand which text messages are genuine and which ones aren't.

That's because, from today (Tuesday, March 9), the NHS will begin texting people inviting them to book their Covid jab.

Previously, invites were sent out through the post. The NHS is now sending text messages as well to make it quicker to book an appointment.

But given the Covid scams of late, how can you trust a text message is really from the NHS?

Well, Covid vaccinations are free - so if the text asks you to ring premium rate numbers or enter your banking details, it is a scam.

The genuine NHS text messages will include a web link for those eligible to click and reserve an appointment at one of more than 300 large-scale vaccination centres or pharmacies across England.