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With most of us having to work from home at the moment, the National Police Protect Network is running a series of free webinar events on different topics on cybersecurity. Designed to offer guidance and insight into topics including The Internet of Things, cloud security, and data protection, they’re a fantastic opportunity to learn about cybersecurity for your business while working from home.

Below is a list of upcoming webinars, each of which takes place at 2pm on their relative dates. You can book your place here.

Keep an eye out for more topics coming soon!

Monday 7th May - The Internet of Things – Protecting your Devices, your Data, and Your Home

IoT devices feature in many of our homes, but they are also increasingly being integrated into industry infrastructures. This session and the themes covered are applicable to both individuals and businesses. This free webinar is an opportunity for you to learn more from Cyber Protect officers and ask any questions you might have about cyber security and the Internet of Things. A Detective Sergeant from the Cyber Crime Unit will take you through a real-life cybercrime investigation involving internet connected devices and the challenges that law enforcement faced to bring an offender to justice.

Thursday 7th May - Social Engineering: Hacking the Human

This is a chance to understand how professional social engineers exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to organisations and information. You will hear true accounts of the tactics used to achieve their objective. Gain truly different perspective from Richard De Vere, who is paid to infiltrate organisations and exploit vulnerabilities in security. This Webinar is suitable for both individuals and organisations.

Thursday 14th May - Security in The Cloud - A Guide for Small to Medium Sized Organisations

Cloud services are becoming a fundamental facet of doing business online. Metered services, rapid elasticity, and improved IT security offer a one-stop solution to all computing needs. Or do they? Explore some of the key security issues surrounding the use of the cloud and how to make sure that your organisation stays cyber secure.

Thursday 28th May - Applied Incident Response

The faster your organisation can detect and respond to a security incident, the less likely it will have a significant impact on your data, reputation, and finances. Ideally suited for small to medium sized organisations, this presentation will help Business Leaders and IT Managers prepare for a cyber-attack and respond effectively in a crisis.

The Cyber Resilience Centre for the East Midlands is set up to support and help protect businesses in the five counties against cyber crime. 

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