COVID-19 CYBER AND FRAUD PROTECT MESSAGES - Setting up an Incident Response Strategy

This advice has been collated by EMSOU and is intended for wider distribution within the East Midlands Region to raise awareness among businesses and the public.

Advice and information is changing daily as we navigate our way through the COVID- 19 pandemic, so please ensure you only take information from reputable sources. If you require any further information, assistance or guidance please contact the EMSOU Protect Team or your local Force protect team. According to soldier and British military historian, Sir Michael Howard, “in preparing an army for war, you can be clear that you will not get it precisely right, but the important thing is not to be too far wrong, so that you can put it right quickly.”

In the battle against cybercrime, an organisation can deploy as many preventive controls as planning and finance permits, and attackers will still slip through the net. It is the ability to detect and respond that determines how badly the business is impacted and why incident response (IR) preparation is so important.

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