9 Top Tips: How to protect your mobile phone and tablet

Many of us use a mobile phone or tablet, but we may not know how to protect them from cyber criminals.

This article has been written by EMSOU and seeks to promote good cyber security among businesses and the public. If you require any further assistance or guidance please contact the EMSOU Protect Team or your local Force Protect Team.

It's not just your computer than can be vulnerable to cyber attacks - with mobile phones becoming an every day essential in peoples lives, they are being used more frequently to store personal and sensitive information.

Making them a easy target for a cyber criminal.

The East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) have created 9 tips on how you can keep your mobile and tablets more resilient from cyber criminals.

Tip 1: Use Authentication

Passwords, PINs, fingerprints or facial recognition where possible. This will prevent your device from being accessed if it is lost or stolen. Additionally, you should add a pin on your SIM card and voicemail, and ensure your device is set to automatically lock.

Tip 2: Install Antivirus Software

Recommendations can easily be easily researched online or from the manufacturer’s website.